5 Great Design Tips to Add Banquette Seating to Your Home

What if you feel your room need something both functional and stylish, banquette seating, or built-in booth inspired seating, has become one of the great choices. They’re one of the biggest trends in interior design over the past couple of years, and you can easy to see why.

Well, do you know, what is banquette seating? Banquettes are built-in mass seating arrangements, most often in a kitchen or dining area. They are fixed along a wall or into a corner nook to maximize the available seating in any given space. You may always see them in cafes and restaurants. However, they can appear in many residential projects and smaller dwellings, too.

To help inspire you, I’ve pulled together 5 essential design tips to add banquette seating to your home:

1. Rules

They’ve been ideal seating for tricky layouts and tight spaces as it can be customized to fit a window bay, corner, wall, or nook. They are also spectacular for you who love to entertain as it allows you to fit more people into one area.

Banquette seating is suited for any style of home, from mid-century and contemporary to coastal and country. Even if you’re willing to add hidden storage, or make it a flexible working, dining, and entertaining space, a banquette seating is a good answer.

2. Style

You can design this sort of seat to fit into a large open-plan space, or into a small complex space. Build it straight along a wall, fitted into a corner, or positioned under a window. Not only for a large open-plan space, but you can also build it in smaller open-plan spaces as it can save valuable floor space.

Surprisingly, you can build additional hidden storage with this seating, which is often highly valuable in smaller spaces. For a large open-plan space, you might choose to make the upholstery cushioning more substantial and really go to town making the banquette a place to kick back and relax.

3. Upholstery

You also need a fabric that is robust enough to withstand people sliding in and out of the seat on a daily basis. Tough leather, linen, wool, and bouclé all fit the bill and are an excellent way to go. You can also embrace the patina developed with aniline leather colored with soluble dyes. There are some faux leathers that are quite beautiful, too. If your banquette seat is not going to be used regularly or enjoyed by kids, then there are many more fabric options available.

4. Add-ons

Banquette seating is the perfect way to add a little extra under-seat storage to your home. Do this is by putting the seat top on hinges, allowing it to open up the toy-box style. Ensure the storage into your design from the get-go, so there aren’t any design mishaps once a table is set against the seat.

5. Lighting

The last but not least, you’ll need lighting as they really enhance banquette seating. Consider an offset feature light on the wall behind the banquette area for ambiance. Or you might also opt for structural pendant light over the dining table to create intimacy. Besides, a wall lamp is also a great idea. That means it can be moved to suit different lighting needs another option.

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