5 Inviting Water Features for Small Home

The peaceful sound of a falling waterfall indeed can calm our bodies, minds, and souls. Though you don’t stay near natural flowing water like a river and also in a small house, you still can get those peaceful sounds by creating your waterfall or small river in your outdoor space.

It’s healing when you can enjoy the sound of falling water during your activities or when you laying down on your bed. With a little bit of time to make this pleasant project, yet, you will be on your spa-like after adding water. Let’s look at the following idea to build your water feature.

1. Mini Oasis with Waterfall Feature

Relaxing with the sound of falling water is indeed healing. This mini oasis can be created on your small patio that is filled with river rocks. Further, you can build a mini garden beside the waterfall. It definitely will invite peaceful feelings for everyone who looks at and of course, hear.

2. Metal Water Feature

Aged but simple, this water feature can add appeal to your mini garden. The water in this fountain will burble up from this metal container. Give natural touch by adding gravel to surround the fountain.

3. Fun Waterfall

It looks like a real river. This playful fountain is made out of gravel. A great way to add a natural touch to your outdoor space. Further, this fountain can also add charm and attract your friends’ attention.

4. River Stone Mini Fountain

How lucky you are, if you can have this mini fountain in your small house. This fountain seems like the real one. River stones are an ideal material to make this fountain. Moreover, it can be an impressive outdoor decor then your family will love it for sure.

5. Brick Waterfall

Another element you can use to build your waterfall by using bricks. Not to mention, the peaceful sound of falling water you can enjoy with your loved one from this fountain. It needs a bit of time to build this fountain, yet you’ll not regret it after seeing the result. It’s awesome!

Finally, those water features are looking so nice for your small house. You can make it during your weekend or less, then you could also add some touch of greenery or another decoration. Just go for it!

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