5 Simple but Luxurious Wooden House Models

Photo by Vecislavas Popa

For a long time, wood has been used as a material for home construction. Wood is proven to have excellent strength so its use is durable. Not only that, but wood material can also make the house look more aesthetic and elegant.

As an inspiration, I will share some references of wooden house models with a simple appearance but equipped with various charming elements so that they can give the impression of luxury.

1. Wooden Houses with Pools

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Dominated by wood materials, such as the floor, walls, and window grille, this wooden house model is also equipped with an outdoor minimalist swimming pool so it looks very luxurious. However, it is not only that which gives the impression of luxury to this wooden house model, but the minimalist bridge above the swimming pool also makes this wooden house look very classy.

In addition, the combination of several materials, such as iron on the building frame and a number of large pieces of glass also gives the impression of luxury as well as modernity and charm. Through the large window pane, you can see the presence of white sofas, paintings, hanging lamps, and other decorations in this wooden house.

2. Modern Minimalist Wooden Houses

Photo by Maria Orlova

Meanwhile, this wooden house carries a compact design so that it is suitable to be applied by those of you who like practical things. In addition to the dominance of the brown color of wood material that managed to give a warm impression, there are also shades of bright gray on the walls to accentuate the modern and luxurious style.

Do not forget, this wooden house model was also equipped with window openings with a large number of white frames. Thus, you can maximize the lighting and air that enters this wooden house. If you want to add curtains or curtains to the window, make sure you choose it with a matching nuance.

3. Black Minimalist Wooden House

Photo by Selenic Moon

Although the design of the wooden house on this one is very simple and minimal in detail, it looks stunning. The dominance of wood painted in black on the exterior makes this wooden house look so elegant.

Meanwhile, the only wooden companion element used is a large glass material that allows you to see the scenery around the house. Not only that, the use of large glass also makes this wooden house not seem stuffy and dark. You can make it look more luxurious, by adjusting the lighting to warm shades so that the house feels more comfortable.

4. Contemporary Wooden Houses

Photo by Maria Orlova

Having a very unique appearance with a trapezoidal shape, this contemporary wooden house model is very suitable to be built on uneven ground so that it can optimize the flow of air or light. Not only that, but this wooden house also carries the nuances of black which of course gives the impression of elegance. The use of glass doors and glass windows also makes this wooden house healthier, airless, and able to provide comfort for all residents.

5. Geometric Wooden Houses

Photo by Rachel Claire

Having a very slick look, the shape of this wooden house looks very proportional so that it can spoil the eyes of all who see it. This wooden house is equipped with windows and doors made of glass and white wood frames. Thus, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery from inside this wooden house.

In addition, on the second floor of this wooden house, there is also a unique stylish balcony that can function as a relaxing area. You only need to add a terrace chair and coffee table to the balcony, then becomes a comfortable relaxing area.

The five inspirational wooden house models above are not only able to give a natural and warm impression, but also provide their own luxury and uniqueness that is different from wooden houses in general. Now, are you interested in adopting the wooden house model above?

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