5 Simple TV Room Design Ideas

Photo by Vecislavas Popa

Whether watching movies or television shows, watching TV is a relaxing and entertaining moment. The sitting position is very influential on comfort so the design of a simple TV room still has to pay attention to how to sit comfortably.

It’s not possible to watch TV in an upright position like when you are working, right? Starting from the sprawl, and backrest, until cross-legged, a comfortable sitting position when watching in a simple TV room also varies.

For those of you who like watching TV but are confused about how to design a TV room to be comfortable without feeling tired, you should try these 5 simple TV room design ideas.

1. Simple Japanese TV room

Photo by Vecislavas Popa

First of all, there is a simple Japanese-style TV room whose nuances are combined with modern styles. The key to the design of this simple TV room is the use of tatami as a floor covering and also the use of wood as the main material in the room as seen on the window and ceiling frames.

In order to watch TV more comfortably, this simple TV room is equipped with a sitting chair and coffee table so you can catch up with your favorite television series comfortably while eating a snack.

2. Simple cinema-style TV room

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Those of you lovers of films would have imagined having a mini cinema. Making a simple TV room in the cinema style is not as difficult as one might imagine, you know! You only need a large TV screen or projector screen, then add the sound system in the corner of the room.

Cinema seating is famous for being soft and comfortable so you can watch TV tirelessly while the movie is on. However, you don’t need to rest like in the cinema, you can create a comfortable stretch area like the inspiration above. A thick carpet along with several soft pillows can be arranged in this simple TV room. Use neutral colors like brown and beige to give the impression of a warmer simple TV room.

3. Simple TV room without a sofa

Simple TV room without a sofa

Every family member has a position to watch their favorite. There are people who like to lie down, lie down, and cross-legged. Therefore, a simple TV room design idea full of large pillows like this is worth a try. All family members will definitely like it. Without a carpet or sofa, you can watch TV without worrying about being tired.

Fill the floor of this room with a large pillow, but don’t forget to leave a small amount of empty space so it is easy to get in and out of the room. If you like watching TV while eating snacks, also add a small table in some parts of this simple TV room.

4. Scandinavian-style simple TV room

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

You surely know Scandinavian-style interior design that is synonymous with white, green plants and furry fabrics. The interior style is also suitable for application in a simple TV room so you can watch TV comfortably without sacrificing the aesthetics of the room.

The method is very easy. Just prepare a fluffy rug, blanket, pillow, and also greenery to decorate the corner. Choose white, beige, or gray to dominate this simple TV room.

5. Simple Korean-style TV room

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

The simple minimalist TV room is the choice for most people. How come? A simple but functional design will certainly make you comfortable when spending time with your family. So that the TV room is still minimalist but has a natural impression, maybe the Korean-style TV room like the inspiration above can be an example.

Korean-style interior design emphasizes comfort, a minimalist impression, and closeness to nature. This simple TV room also utilizes wood materials in room elements such as furniture. The carpet became the base of the table as well as the upholstery for sitting and cross-legged. Armed with soft blankets and pillows, you are ready to watch TV without getting tired.

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