10 A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Sock Snowman

How do you make a sock snowman? This attractive Christmas craft is perfect for everyone who always missing their sock. To make this sock snowman, all you need are a white sock, a sock in colour for the hat, rice, rubber bands, colourful buttons, ribbon, glue, markers or paint, and Pom Pom in various colours. You can make this crafty sock at your home and there are some photos we’ve collected to suggest you make a sock snowman.

1. Witches Snowman

As you can see, this sock snowman is made in a different size. You can make yours even in various colours too. The white sock is for the body and uses a different colour to make the hat. Add a broom to complete the appearance.

2. Olaf Sock Snowman

Hi, I’m Olaf! You can make me only from white sock then fill with rice. To make my nose, you can use flannel or any kind fabric. Add black buttons on me. Don’t forget t put hat and scarf too.

3. SNOW Sock Snowman


This snowman using two different sock, black-blue stripes and white sock. It looks so cute when you put a star on the hat and put ‘SNOW’ on it. This sock snowman can be a home decoration.

4. Dad and His Daughter

This is crazy. When you are missing your dad this Christmas you may make this sock snowman for him. Make in two different sizes, the big one is for the dad while the little one is you.

5. Include Orange On It

Adding orange colour in your sock snowman is a good choice. You can have a scarf of this orange fabric. After that add a star and flower on it.

6. Include Festive Pattern

Add this beautiful pattern to your sock snowman. You may have another pattern if you like. It’s just an example for you. For the hat use a knit hat in red colour.

7. We Are Twins

These charming sock snowmen are wonderful. The combination of white socks and stripes are perfect unity. Then add floral and round buttons on it.

8. Warm Winter

Warm up this season with this adorable snowman. Use white and blue socks to make this snowman. You can make it as a Christmas gift due to its appearance. Put a smile on this snowman.

9. Shocked Snowman

Make another emotion in your sock snowman. It includes black and red striped fabric, a red hat, metallic buttons, and a wool sock. Then to make a shock make a round shape.

10. Cold Snowman

The season is so cool, this snowman is cool too. Add a snowy touch to it and a snowflake as the buttons. You can also use striped ribbons to adorn it. Try to place this snowman in your bedroom. It’s already finished. You can try it at home after seeing those ideas. You can also make it with your friends or kids.

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