10 Affordable Puppy Paw Print Christmas Ornament

Looking for such amazing and cute Christmas decorations? These ideas may help you to make your Christmas day more fun and happy. It’s not hard to make a puppy paw print Christmas ornament. All you need is flour, salt, water, a round cookie cutter, or a drinking glass. Let’s jump!

1. Smokey Puppy Paw

This adorable puppy paw is Smokey’s. This simple ornament can be hung on the Christmas tree. If your Christmas tree already full of other Christmas ornaments, you can hang it on the door.

2. White Puppy Paw

It’s clean and simple. You don’t need to stain the dough first. You just need to bake it for two hours at two hundred degrees F.

3. Glittering Puppy Paw

Make your puppy paw print on the Christmas ball ornament. Make the shape then give it glue and spread the glitter on it. Finish!

4. Pinky Puppy Paw

This is not only for the girl, but you boy can also have it too. This Puppy paw is very pretty to be shown in your room to welcome your guests. It’s a bit bigger than the others.

5. Angle Puppy Paw

It looks so amazing to have this. It includes Angle’s wing, a puppy paw, and a glitter touchy. To place this ornament, you can hang it on the wall, door, or Christmas tree.

6. Puppy Paw in The Star

Finding a star at Christmas is easy. But, how about puppy paw in the star? This inspiring puppy paw print ornament is made from metallic. It also looks so bright when the ray hits it.

7. Made from Wooden

Wooden is easy to form. You can use any kind of wood to make this ornament. Furthermore, if you like, you can write down your name, date or year on it.

8. Bone Puppy Paw

By using bone and then making a puppy paw print on it it will be very gorgeous. Not many people have this ornament. You can make it by yourself or buy it at the store. With any kind of colors and also give them the name on it.

9. Adorable Puppy Paw

You can round the puppy paw directly by using your hand. It’s very beautiful. The edge is made from wood and there is a snowflake on it.

10. First Christmas With Jasper

This ornament is still using wood as an ingredient. Besides, you can write down the name, year, or message on it. You may use it in any different font to write down any messages or names on it. I hope these ideas can help you to decide on your Christmas decoration by using Puppy Pawprint. It’s time for you to make it!

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