10 Best Toys ’90 Girl For Christmas Gift

Looking back on your childhood memory with these toys. You girls, if you were born in ’90 you may not forget these toys. Some of you may still have these toys, though they are not in good condition. But, there are also many of you already lost. Thus, in this Christmas time, give one of these memorable ’90s toys for your sister, neighbour or friends. There are plenty of choices you can make. For more details, let’s take a peek!

1. Barbie

This fun toy is the most popular one at that time. Every girl had these toys. All over the world knew this was a Barbie. It’s really fun playing with this toy, you can even change clothes, shoes and accessories.

2. Cutie Doll Ever

It’s worth it, it’s adorable, and yeah, this doll has yellow hair. If you think that this doll died out, let’s just remember that you ever played with her.

3. American Girl Dolls

Talking about Squad Girl, you must talk about this American girl doll. This doll is made to be your bestie. It’d be better if you made them customizable.

4. Barbie Shoe Set

If you have Barbie, you must have these shoes set too. Any kind of shoes you could have at that time. Then, your lovely Barbie would have been very pretty.

5. Sunny Doll

You could remember that this doll always accompanied you when you were sleeping. This Christmas should bring you to that era when you get this gift.

6. Electronic Musical Phone

This festive electronic musical phone will never be forgotten. When you press the keyboard, you will hear some music from this musical phone. It’s really good to get this gift and make you look back on your childhood memory.

7. Barney

This purple dinosaur is from America. He and his friends loved singing, dancing, gaming and making learning fun. He has a purple colour with a green chest and yellow toenails.

8. Polly Pocket

The original Polly pocket was made in 1998. This toy is not fit for ages under three years due to it containing one or maybe more marbles.

9. Selling Doughnut

Selling doughnuts with this adorable bike. The colour is fun and intriguing. It’s very suitable for girls who like doughnuts so much. Buy it, then give to your older sister to flashback.

10. Rainbow Brite

The rainbow is coming back. It will be brought Santa on your Christmas. The real name is Wisp, but some people, prefer to call it Rainbow Brite because of the cartoon series.
Bring back your memory with these toys. Nowadays, there is some store that sells these toys. So, it’s easy for you to get back your child’s toys. Always loved, forever missed and never forgotten!

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