13 Inspiring DIY Pallet Garden Planter Ideas

Creating DIY pallet garden planters is an eco-friendly and budget-conscious way to add greenery to your outdoor or indoor space. Pallets are versatile and can be transformed into various planter designs. Here are some creative DIY pallet garden planter ideas:

1. Vertical Pallet Garden

– Stand a pallet vertically and secure it to a wall or fence.
– Add plant pots or planters in the pallet’s horizontal slats.
– Plant herbs, succulents, or flowers in the pockets created by the slats.

2. Pallet Planter Box

– Disassemble a pallet and use the wood to build a rectangular planter box.
– Attach the pieces together to create the box, and line it with landscaping fabric to prevent soil leakage.
– Plant your favorite flowers or herbs in the planter.

3. Hanging Pallet Planters

– Hang a pallet horizontally from strong hooks or chains.
– Plant your choice of flowers or trailing plants in small containers attached to the pallet slats.
– This creates a cascading garden.

4. Pallet Tiered Planter

– Disassemble a pallet and use the wood to construct multiple planters of different sizes.
– Stack the planters in a tiered fashion to create an attractive vertical garden.
– Plant various herbs, vegetables, or flowers in each tier.

5. Pallet Garden Table

– Attach wheels to the base of a pallet for mobility.
– Fill the pallet with soil and plant it with herbs, greens, or flowers.
– This creates a garden on wheels that can be moved to catch the sun.

6. Pallet Trellis Planter

– Stand a pallet vertically and attach a trellis to the back.
– Plant climbing plants like beans, peas, or climbing roses at the base.
– The trellis provides support for them to grow upwards.

7. Pallet Herb Garden

– Disassemble a pallet and use the slats to build individual shelves or cubbies.
– Plant herbs in small containers or directly in the cubbies.
– Place it near your kitchen for easy access to fresh herbs.

8. Pallet Succulent Garden

– Disassemble a pallet and use the individual slats to create a shallow planter.
– Fill the planter with succulent soil and plant a variety of succulents.
– Hang the pallet on the wall or place it horizontally as a tabletop garden.

9. Pallet Fence Planter

– Attach a pallet horizontally to a garden fence.
– Add shelves or small containers on the slats for plants or flowers.
– This adds a beautiful and functional element to your fence.

10. Pallet Vegetable Garden

– Create a raised bed by stacking pallets vertically and filling them with soil.
– Plant vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, or lettuce, in the raised bed.
– Place it in your backyard or on a balcony.

11. Colorful Pallet Planters

– Paint or stain the pallets in vibrant colors to add a cheerful touch to your garden.
– Use them to create any of the planter designs mentioned above.

12. Pallet Window Box Planters

– Attach a pallet to the exterior of your house below a window.
– Add rows of small plant pots or create planter boxes.
– Plant colorful flowers that can be enjoyed from inside your home.

13. Pallet Herb Ladder

– Create a ladder-style planter by stacking pallets horizontally.
– Plant herbs or small vegetables in rows of planters.
– The ladder can lean against a wall or fence.

When working on DIY pallet garden planter projects, make sure to sand the wood, treat it with a protective finish, and line the planters with landscaping fabric to extend their lifespan. These projects allow you to repurpose pallets and showcase your gardening creativity while adding greenery to your living space.

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