14 Coastal Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

A coastal farmhouse exterior design blends the charm of a farmhouse style with the serene and relaxed ambiance of coastal living. It often incorporates natural materials, light colors, and a mix of rustic and beach-inspired elements. Here are some key features and ideas to create a coastal farmhouse exterior:

Color Palette

– Coastal farmhouse exteriors typically use a soft and soothing color palette. Whites, creams, light grays, and pastel blues are common choices.
– Consider adding navy blue or aqua accents for a nautical touch, reminiscent of the ocean.

Siding Materials

Use horizontal lap siding or shiplap for a classic farmhouse look. Wooden siding can be painted in a light color, or you can let it weather naturally for a rustic, coastal appeal.


– Opt for a metal or standing seam roof, which is not only durable but also adds a touch of coastal charm.
– A metal roof can be painted in a light gray or blue hue to enhance the coastal feel.



– Choose large, multi-pane windows that allow plenty of natural light into the home. Window frames can be white or light gray.
– Add decorative shutters for a classic farmhouse look, and paint them in a complementary color.

Front Porch

– A welcoming front porch is a must for a coastal farmhouse. Include a comfortable seating area with weathered wood or wicker furniture.
– Decorate the porch with nautical or beach-themed accessories like lanterns, shells, and a rope swing.

Exterior Lighting

Incorporate lantern-style or nautical outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance the coastal farmhouse look.


– Create a lush, relaxed garden with a mix of native plants, beach grasses, and colorful blooms. Incorporate gravel paths for a coastal feel.
– Use wooden garden boxes or planters to add a touch of rustic charm.

Pergola or Trellis

Install a pergola or trellis covered in climbing vines to provide shade and enhance the farmhouse look.

Board and Batten Accents

Consider adding board and batten siding accents on gables or as an exterior design feature.

Rocking Chairs

Classic white or wooden rocking chairs on the porch can evoke a sense of relaxation and provide a timeless farmhouse feel.

Coastal Decor

– Incorporate coastal decor elements like driftwood, shells, beach-themed art, and nautical ropes into your design.

Front Door

Choose a statement front door painted in a bold color, such as deep blue or red, for a pop of contrast.

Picket Fence

A white picket fence can complete the farmhouse look while adding a touch of coastal charm.

Outdoor Shower

If you’re close to the beach, consider adding an outdoor shower, a practical and beachy addition.

Remember that a coastal farmhouse exterior should feel relaxed and inviting, like a seaside retreat. The key is to balance the simplicity of farmhouse style with the serene, beachy vibes of coastal living to create a beautiful and welcoming home exterior.

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