15 Shiplap Bathroom In A Modern Farmhouse

Creating a shiplap bathroom in a modern farmhouse style involves combining the classic, rustic charm of shiplap with contemporary design elements. Here are some ideas to help you achieve a modern farmhouse look in your bathroom:

1. Shiplap Walls

Install shiplap on the bathroom walls to create a classic farmhouse feel. Consider using white or light-colored shiplap to brighten the space.

2. Contrasting Grout Lines

Choose a shiplap installation with contrasting grout lines to add depth and detail. This can enhance the modern aesthetic while keeping the farmhouse charm.

3. Modern Fixtures

Opt for modern fixtures with clean lines and a matte finish. This could include faucets, showerheads, and cabinet hardware. Black or matte gold finishes can work well in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

4. Freestanding Tub

Incorporate a freestanding bathtub for a touch of luxury and a classic farmhouse look. Choose a modern design with clean lines to balance the overall aesthetic.

5. Farmhouse Sink

Install a farmhouse-style sink with a modern twist. Look for sinks with sleek lines and contemporary materials like stainless steel or concrete.

6. Wooden Accents

Introduce wooden accents to add warmth to the space. This could include a wooden vanity, open shelving, or wooden framed mirrors. Consider reclaimed or distressed wood for an authentic farmhouse feel.

7. Neutral Color Palette

Stick to a neutral color palette with whites, grays, and earthy tones. This provides a clean and modern backdrop for the farmhouse elements.

8. Large Mirrors

Install large mirrors with simple frames. This not only enhances the sense of space but also contributes to the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

9. Industrial Lighting

Choose industrial-style lighting fixtures. This could be pendant lights with metal accents, modern farmhouse-inspired sconces, or even a statement chandelier.

10. Patterned Floor Tiles

Select patterned floor tiles for added visual interest. Consider geometric patterns or classic black and white designs that complement the modern farmhouse theme.

11. Glass Shower Enclosure

Opt for a frameless or minimalistic glass shower enclosure. This provides a modern touch while showcasing any intricate tile work you might have in the shower.

12. Barn Door


Incorporate a sliding barn door for the bathroom entrance. This classic farmhouse element can be updated with a modern design or a sleek finish.

13. Floating Vanity

Install a floating vanity with clean lines to maintain a modern look. Choose a simple countertop material like quartz or concrete for a contemporary touch.

14. Textured Fabrics

Add texture to the space with farmhouse-style textiles. This could include a textured bath mat, woven baskets, or soft, neutral towels.

15. Greenery and Natural Elements

Bring in natural elements like potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers. This adds a touch of freshness and aligns with the farmhouse aesthetic.

By combining shiplap with modern farmhouse elements, you can create a bathroom that feels both timeless and contemporary. Pay attention to the details and balance between rustic and modern features to achieve the desired look.

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