19 Inspiring Barndominium Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Barndominiums offer a unique blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. When it comes to decorating a barndominium with a farmhouse style, you’ll want to emphasize cozy and inviting elements, as well as incorporate traditional farmhouse decor. Here are some farmhouse decorating ideas for your barndominium:

1. Neutral Color Palette

Stick to a neutral color scheme with whites, creams, beiges, and soft grays for walls, ceilings, and large furniture pieces. This provides a clean and timeless backdrop.

2. Reclaimed Wood

Use reclaimed barn wood for accent walls, ceiling details, and furniture. It adds rustic character and warmth to your space.

3. Shiplap Walls

Install shiplap or faux shiplap paneling for a classic farmhouse look. It can be applied to walls, ceilings, or even kitchen backsplashes.

4. Exposed Beams

Embrace the structural elements of your barndominium by leaving beams and trusses exposed. You can paint or stain them for a more finished appearance.

5. Farmhouse Sink

Install a large, apron-front farmhouse sink in the kitchen. It’s a classic farmhouse feature and adds functionality.

6. Barn Doors

Incorporate sliding barn doors for room dividers or to cover closets. They are both practical and contribute to the rustic aesthetic.

7. Vintage Furniture

Choose vintage or antique furniture pieces, such as a distressed dining table, Windsor chairs, or a farmhouse-style hutch.

8. Open Shelving

Install open shelves in the kitchen to display rustic dinnerware, mason jars, and decorative items.

9. Mason Jars

Use mason jars as vases, storage containers, or as pendant light fixtures.

10. Rustic Lighting

Opt for lighting fixtures with a farmhouse or industrial style, such as metal pendant lights, mason jar sconces, or wrought-iron chandeliers.

11. Country Decor

Decorate with country-themed items like old milk cans, wooden crates, and vintage signs.

12. Wicker and Rattan

Include wicker and rattan furniture, such as side tables, chairs, or baskets, for a touch of texture and coziness.

13. Farmhouse Fabrics

Use fabrics with classic farmhouse patterns like gingham, plaid, and floral prints for curtains, throw pillows, and upholstery.

14. Barn Art

Decorate with artwork or photographs that celebrate the rural lifestyle, such as barns, farm animals, or landscapes.

15. Fresh Flowers

Keep fresh flowers or potted plants around the house to bring a touch of nature and color.

16. Farmhouse-Style Hardware

Replace existing knobs and handles with farmhouse-style hardware, such as oil-rubbed bronze or black wrought-iron options.

17. Rustic Flooring

Consider wood or wood-look flooring for an authentic farmhouse feel. Weathered hardwood or distressed laminate are good options.

18. Textured Rugs

Add textured area rugs like jute or braided rugs to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

19. Personal Touches

Incorporate personal elements like family photos, heirlooms, and homemade crafts to make the space feel truly your own.

Remember that farmhouse decorating is about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, so focus on comfort and functionality while embracing the rustic beauty of your barndominium.

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