Awesome Built-In Cabinets Around Fireplace Design Ideas : (19 Amazing Ideas)

Built-in cabinets around a fireplace can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a living room or family room. Here are some design ideas to consider when planning built-in cabinets around a fireplace:

1. Symmetry and Balance

Create a sense of balance by flanking the fireplace with identical built-in cabinets or shelves on either side. This provides a cohesive and pleasing look.

2. Built-In Bookshelves

Consider incorporating open shelves for displaying books, artwork, or decorative items. Adjustable shelves allow flexibility for various item sizes.

3. Cabinetry for Storage

Include closed cabinetry with doors and drawers for concealed storage. This is ideal for tucking away items like DVDs, electronics, or board games.

4. Fireplace Surround

Design the built-ins to include a fireplace surround that complements the overall style. You can use stone, brick, tile, or a different material that matches your decor.

5. Mantel Design

Integrate a mantel above the fireplace for displaying artwork, photos, or decorative objects. The mantel can be a floating design or a traditional solid piece.

6. Entertainment Center Integration

If the room serves as an entertainment hub, incorporate space for a TV, gaming consoles, and other media components in the built-in cabinetry.

7. Custom Shelving and Nooks

Create custom shelving and nooks designed to accommodate specific items, such as wine storage, audio equipment, or a small home office space.

8. Lighting

Add built-in lighting to highlight the fireplace, shelves, or artwork. LED strip lights, puck lights, or sconces can be strategically placed for this purpose.

9. Cable Management

Plan for cable management within the cabinets to keep wires and cords hidden and organized.

10. Color and Finish

Choose a finish and color that complements the room’s decor. You can go for a seamless look by matching the cabinets to the fireplace surround or create contrast with a complementary color.

11. Glass-Front Cabinets

Use glass-front cabinets to showcase fine china, glassware, or collectibles. This can add an elegant touch to the design.

12. Crown Molding and Trim

Add crown molding, baseboards, and trim to give the built-ins a polished, finished appearance.

13. Built-In Seating

If you have the space, consider incorporating built-in seating, such as window seats or reading nooks, around the fireplace.

14. Fireplace Insert or Stove

Consider installing a fireplace insert or stove within the built-ins for additional warmth and ambiance.

15. Vertical Space

Use the vertical space between the cabinets and ceiling to create decorative or functional elements, such as more open shelving or custom woodwork.

16. Architectural Details

Incorporate architectural details like columns, beadboard, or shiplap to add character to the built-ins.

17. Custom Hardware

Choose distinctive hardware, like knobs or pulls, that complements the overall design.

18. Safety Considerations

If you have young children or pets, ensure that the cabinets and shelving are securely anchored to the wall for safety.

19. Personalize the Space

Make the built-ins reflect your style by adding personal touches like framed photos, artwork, or decor items.

When designing built-in cabinets around a fireplace, it’s essential to consider the room’s layout, the size and scale of the fireplace, and your storage needs. Customized built-ins can provide you with a beautiful and functional centerpiece in your living space.

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